Solidarity Ring

The Solidarity Ring is found only in the province of Compostela Valley in Davao region. It was created from the gold donations of local officials, miners, businessmen, and private individuals from Compostela Valley’s 11 municipalities and the nearby former mother province of Davao del Norte and Tagum City.


The Solidarity Ring symbolizes the historical unity of the people of Compostela Valley, its wealth of natural resources, its rich cultural heritage, and the dreams and aspirations of its people for a better life.

The ring was unveiled during the First Bulawan Festival of the province on March 3-8, 2008. An 18-karat two-toned ring with an interior diameter of 5 inches and exterior diameter of 6 inches, it is made up of 1.18 kilograms of gold of shining finish and 308 grams of 99.9 percent pure silver of diamond finish. The Ring, weighing 1.488 kilograms is valued at PhP1.5 million.

The Solidarity Ring is on exhibit to the public inside a glass case mounted on the lobby of the Provincial Capitol in Brgy. Cabidianan, four kilometers from Nabunturan, the Capital  of Compostela Valley.

In its 1998 report, the Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences, Minerals News Service in Region XI, declared that Compostela Valley has gold deposits of 36, 328,699 metric tons of gold, one of the biggest in the world.

In 1997, a technical report the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) cited the strategic economic value of the gold ore in Mt. Diwalwal, Compostela Valley as one that is still easily accessible and that contains the metal in concentration from 25 up to 100 grams per ton, approximately 25-50 times more than the famous gold ore of the Witwatersrand Basin in the Republic of South Africa.  This means that gold metal concentration in Mt. Diwalwal outranks the Witwatersrand.

While gold deposits are found throughout the country, they are concentrated in the five (5) recognized gold mining districts: 1) Baguio gold district; 2) Paracale gold district; 3) Masbate gold district; 4) Surigao gold district; and 5) Masara (Davao) gold district.

The Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau in 1986 placed the country’s gold ore estimated reserves at 2,108,260,000 metric tons that have an average grade of 2.4 gm Au/Mt. The gold metal recovered from the gold ore reserves would be about 162.6 million troy oz (5.2 million tons). Estimated value of the yellow metal is $73.4 billion.

Usually associated with those of gold, silver deposits have an average silver to gold ratio of 2:1 based on ore assays and production figures of Philippine primary gold mines. The silver metal recovered from the above gold ore reserves would be about 325.3 million troy oz (10.4 million tons). Estimated worth of this precious metal is $2.4 billion.