Mt. Candalaga Waterfalls Hopping. 
The Maragusan valley is one of the most naturally-endowed places in Davao Region.  The forested slopes and hills of Mt. Candalaga, 7,880 feet above sea level, hosts 30 known waterfalls, at least two hot springs, and 300 cold springs. Rafflesia mira, a species of what is considered the world’s biggest flower, is found on the slopes of New Albay and Brgy. Mapawa, 7 kilometres from poblacion, and nine other identified sites.

The year-round waterfall adventure includes hopping from the 24-ledged Tagbibinta Falls, to the 50-metre high Marangig Falls, and to the majestic P’yalitan Falls. Maragusan is 53 kms from the provincial Capital town of  Nabunturan and 86 kms  from Tagum City.

Kopiat round-the-island tour, Scuba diving, and snorkeling. 

Mabini Protected Landscape and Seascape is a 6,106 hectare-protected zone straddling the coastal and marine waters of the municipality of Mabini and the mangrove wilderness areas of Kopiat island and Lunod or St. Anthony’s island. It hosts rare corals.

A study by marine biologists from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Protected Areas, Wildlife and Coastal Zone Management Service found that of the 72 known genera of scleractinian or “stony” corals identified in the Philippines, about 46 of them can be found in the Mabini seascape. 110 genera of scleractinian corals have been identified worldwide.  Scleractinia, also called stony corals, are marine corals that generate a hard skeleton. They first appeared in the Middle Triassic and descended from the tabulate and rugose corals that barely survived the end of the Permian. Much of the framework of modern coral reefs is formed by scleractinians. A species of the rare barramundi or Asian sea bass has been sighted in the seascape.

Kopiat is an 87-hectare island of powdery white sands some one kilometre off the Mabini coastline of the province of Compostela Valley on the northernmost tip of Davao Gulf. A nesting site of two of the world’s most endangered marine turtle species – the hawksbill and leatherback – it is one of the staging points of the Kopiat Swimming Challenge of the province’s national award-winning summer beach sports festival. The island is the jewel of the Mabini Protected Seascape and Landscape.

Mabini town is 22.08 kms  from Pantukan, 4.57 kms from Maco, and 17.48 kms  from Tagum City.